Buellia Coccinea Taxonomy Classification

What is the taxonomy of Buellia coccinea? What is the classification of Buellia coccinea? What are Buellia coccinea taxonomy levels? What is taxonomy for Buellia coccinea?

A taxonomic rank of Buellia coccinea is Species. The taxonomic classification of Buellia coccinea is Kingdom Fungi ; Subkingdom Dikarya ; Division Ascomycota ; Subdivision Pezizomycotina ; Class Lecanoromycetes ; Subclass Lecanoromycetidae ; Order Teloschistales ; Family Physciaceae ; Genus Buellia ; Species Buellia coccinea.

That’s complete full scientific classification of Buellia coccinea. Hopefully you can understand the Buellia coccinea taxonomy hierarchy name and levels.

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